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Clean bill of health for Auchintirrie

  Argyll and Bute Council Environmnetal Health and Environmental Protection officers find no objection to the granting of the application for two 250kW Turbines for Auchintirrie Wind Turbine Project.  The officers findings dated 23...


BCP Tangy Wind Farm Visit

It is a pleasure to announce that Bute Community Power in collaboration with SSE Renewables have organised a visit to Wind Tower (Scotland) and Tangy Wind Farm for Tuesday, 28th of April.  An all day trip...

united church of bute church hall

BCP General Meeting 6pm Tuesday 16 December

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening the BCP General Meeting! The line is 6pm Tuesday 16 December at the United Church of Bute Church Hall, High Kirk, High Street, Rothesay.


Do wind turbines make people sick? The legal reality.

Worldwide courts have heard 49 case from 1998 reviewing the evidence for health implications from wind turbines. 49 of the cases found that wind turbines do not make people sick . http://cleantechnica.com/2014/08/18/courts-worldwide-say-wind-farms-dont-make-people-sick/

bcp misconceptions

Addressing Misconceptions

Following recent views posted in the Buteman, the BCP board clarify, in a letter to the Buteman, our origin, plans, opportunities and visions for community benefit and enhancement through renewable energy generation on Bute.