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Community Owned Power Generation and Grid on Eigg

Scotland’s Islands lead the way in community owned power generation and grid.  Eigg Electric is a stand alone electricity grid on the Isle of Eigg with a mixture of hydro and wind power generation....

Wind out performs coal generation – New Record!

RenewableUK says a record high of 22% of the UK’s electricity was generated by wind on Sunday (17th August), beating the previous 24-hour record of 21% set earlier this month (Monday 11th August). Before...


Westminster considers subsidising overseas

Westminster is apparently considering subsidising overseas renewable energy, specifically with regards to Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland and Iceland, as reported in the newly published document by DECC.   http://econews.com.au/news-to-sustain-our-world/uk-may-subsides-overseas-renewable-energy/


All so very POSITIVE for Renewables!

In the last three weeks we have been engaging with 2500+ people here on Bute, and all said and done so many people have been positive.  Only approximately 12  of those 2500+ people cared...


Busy with Tenders!

Busy end of week with PQQs and ITTs being reviewed- but to simplify the acronyms we are well on our way in the next step to firming up the feasibility and financial plan for...


Powering the Isle of Bute

Join us with a £1 Voting Share and together we can achieve £1m of community profit over the next 25 years Community owned sustainable energy projects Reduce carbon emissions of Bute