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20141216 General Meeting

Many thanks to all our members for their support!

A big thanks to all our members for attending (and those voting by absentee ballot) on Tuesdays General Meeting (16/12/2014).  BCP presented an update on the Achintirrie Wind Turbine Project for two 250kW turbines...


BCP General Meeting Announcement

On 16th of December 2014 at 6pm we invite both the membership and interested parties to attend our General Meeting where we will provide an update on  the status of our Auchintirrie Farm Wind...

2014-09-14 11.20.49

Seducing the Dark Side

Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper from the 31st Legion discussing the merits of community ownership of renewable energy projects at the Rothesay Science Fair.   Big bird dropped but was able to ally his...


All so very POSITIVE for Renewables!

In the last three weeks we have been engaging with 2500+ people here on Bute, and all said and done so many people have been positive.  Only approximately 12  of those 2500+ people cared...

St. Paul's Church Hall

Drop-in Week

Coupled with short listing tenders we have the Drop-in Clinic this Wednesday , 11am to 3pm, 30th July at St. Paul’s Church Hall, Deanhood Place, Rothesay.  Don’t be a stranger! Drop by and meet...


Many thanks to Sandy of Auchintirrie Farm!

Many thanks to Sandy McIntyre for hosting yesterday at Auchintirrie Farm, the site of BCP’s first proposed project!  It was a wonderful day and the group were able to see the farm at its...


Laying the Tracks at Bute FM

Spent time with Bute FM yesterday recording the radio advert for the BCP Drop-in Clinic 11am-3pm Wed 30th July at St. Pauls Church Hall on Deanhood Place.  Thanks to the guidance of Josh now...

maves lucky box

New Drop Off Point For Membership Forms

Many thanks to our newest member Victor from Maves Lucky Box, 67 Victoria Street, who will kindly act as a drop off point for completed membership forms!  Membership keeps growing!