Bute Community Power Ltd., has emerged from a movement of Bute community members concerned with the issues of carbon emissions and resilience on the island. This movement is on extensive community consultation in both 2009 and 2011, from which it was determined that over 85% of the islands population supported the island becoming powered by 100% renewable energy generation.

A steering group of over 15 people from different parts of the community have guided the investigation of renewable energy options for the island. When these options were presented at a community consultation, 85% of the residents supported 100% renewable energy generated by wind turbines, with a further 65% prepared to invest in a community owned wind turbine project.

Based on this overwhelming community consent, the steering group supported the development of more detailed feasibility plans and the establishment of an Industrial and Provident Society, Bute Community Power Ltd. in November 2013. These developments were enabled by the financial support of the Cooperative Society and Local Energy Scotland grants.