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Over a 6 week period Bute Community Power undertook a consultation exercise.  The prime objectives of the exercise was to gain insight on community share issue to raise money to build a community owned wind project and distribution of profits from two operational wind turbines.

We are delighted that 266 people took part in the consultation, just under 5% of the adult population of the island.  This is a significant number.  Average age of 46, youngest respondent was 16 and the oldest was 89.

16 people took the opportunity to voice their objections to the project.  Below are a few of the comments on these 16 responses

For a full summary of the responses please click on the link below:

“Is this another arm of the Fyne Homes octopus?  If so, not in any way interested”

“no wind farming on Bute please”

“Project is a scam it has already been proven to be hugely inefficient and makes back its cost at best”

“Shouldn’t be allowed hope it won’t”

“No wind power on Bute do not blight our landscape”

“I am totally against this project.  This is worse than vandalism and will xost the island much more than any money this brings in.  You should be ashamed of your attempts to inflict this on your community”

“Sorry I believe that industrial sized windmills will no more harm to Bute than good.  It takes many many years to cancel out the carbon footprints of these monstrosities and tthey detract form the beauty of this island”

“Dont build these things in the first place.”



53.76% of people were aware of Bute Community Power

58.65% of people were aware of Auchintirrie Wind Project

65.14% of people would like to see income from the project going to Bute Community Organisations.  There was also support for project which support alleviating poverty and/or support healthy living and project which support existing businesses or new ones.

41.36% of people believe that a new organisation should be set up to distribute the money earned.

34.50% of people think a combinations of cash awards and loans should be used to distribute the funds

The minimum investment should be £250 according to 80.42% – to ensure maximum participation in the share issue.

21.56% would invest in the community share issue, with a further 45.87% wanting more information.

This is just the beginning of consultation on distribution of the profits should the project go ahead.  Please check back for further updates.    You can join Bute Community Power as a voting member for just £1 and be part of the decision making process.


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