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Do wind turbines make people sick? The legal reality.

Worldwide courts have heard 49 case from 1998 reviewing the evidence for health implications from wind turbines. 49 of the cases found that wind turbines do not make people sick .

bcp misconceptions

Addressing Misconceptions

Following recent views posted in the Buteman, the BCP board clarify, in a letter to the Buteman, our origin, plans, opportunities and visions for community benefit and enhancement through renewable energy generation on Bute.

Wind out performs coal generation – New Record!

RenewableUK says a record high of 22% of the UK’s electricity was generated by wind on Sunday (17th August), beating the previous 24-hour record of 21% set earlier this month (Monday 11th August). Before...

20140818 Locogen

Expertise on the Ground!

Expertise on the Ground!  Sandy McIntyre of Auchintirrie Farm touring Graeme and Malcom from LoCO2gen around the identified site.  Thanks to Sandy for your time and look forward to a prosperous working relationship with...

Photovoltaic solar panels on a concrete rooftop.

Solar Opportunities on Bute

Looking forward to opportunities of solar projects on Bute so good to see that Roof Top legislation may be changing.


Westminster considers subsidising overseas

Westminster is apparently considering subsidising overseas renewable energy, specifically with regards to Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland and Iceland, as reported in the newly published document by DECC.


All so very POSITIVE for Renewables!

In the last three weeks we have been engaging with 2500+ people here on Bute, and all said and done so many people have been positive.  Only approximately 12  of those 2500+ people cared...