Monthly Archive: April 2014

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Samso island in Denmark

Samsø Island, Denmark, full scale implementation of renewable energy is inspiring. It is a little long (25mins) but Sören Hermansen gives an amusing presentation on how it all happened.


PNE Exhibition Boards online

PNE Buchan Farm Exhibition on the 27th of March at the Pavilion, Rothesay indicated that the greatest visual impact will be in Dunoon, although the blades of several turbines will be visible from the...


Maximising Our Energy Resources

Wondered how we can maximise our remaining energy sources for a sustainable future? Look at the estimated Energy Return On Investment (EROI) for differing power sources. EROI is essentially cumulative energy produced as a ratio...


2020 Vision – How does Scotland Measure Up to Europe?

The Scottish Government energy policy has the aim of generating all of Scotland’s electricity with renewable energy by 2020. The interim target of renewables generating 31% of Scottish electricity by 2013 was achieved in...