Barone Hill montage 77 deg

Historic Scotland withdraws Objection

Historic Scotland withdraws their objection to Auchintirrie Wind Turbine Development over concerns of visual impact on the setting of Scheduled Monument Barone Fort (17/6/2015).  Following examination of the photomontage provided, Martin Brann, Historic Scotland’s...

20150415 Community Council

BCP Community Consultation 2013-14

Bute Community Power Community Consultation 2013-14 video presentation.  Many thanks to The Big Lottery Fund – Investing in Ideas, the Isle of Bute Community and all our other partners a for all the support!


Off to a Community Wind Coop Share Offer

Attending Heartland Wind Community Share Offer in Glasgow.  Will be good to take a learning step further on the journey to actualising Community Profit.

20150507 P3 at Ettrick Bay

Learning with P3 & SSE at Ettrick Bay

Many thanks to SSE Renewables’ Martha and Heather for leading the morning session with P3 of Rothesay Primary School!  We spent a gorgeous morning on Ettrick Bay learning about renewable energy and constraints for...

Wind Farm 004d

Renewable light at the end of the tunnel

BCP finding the renewable light at the end of the tunnel.  Many thanks to Kirstanne and Martha for arranging the trip to Wind Towers (Scotland) Ltd., and Tangy Wind Farm.  Thanks too to Leslie of Wind...

20150415 Community Council

Bute Community Council Presentation

BCP had the opportunity last Wednesday, 15 April 2015 to accept Bute Community Council’s invitation to present to the council the Auchintirie Farm Wind Turbine Development. Council members and members of the public are...


BCP AGM Tonight

Bute Community Power Ltd. AGM is tonight, Tuesday April 14th, 2015, at the Pavilion Cafe Rothesay.  Come along to reaffirm our direction and hear the good news!


BCP Tangy Wind Farm Visit

It is a pleasure to announce that Bute Community Power in collaboration with SSE Renewables have organised a visit to Wind Tower (Scotland) and Tangy Wind Farm for Tuesday, 28th of April.  An all day trip...

BCP AGM date set!

Notification of the BCP fist Annual AGM for Tuesday 14th April 2015 was sent out today.  Looking forward to a solid turnout!